Welcome to the webpage of our bioorganic chemistry group...

We are a team of scientists working at the frontier of organic chemistry to other disciplines like biological chemistry and structural biology. We focus on the implementation of small molecules as tools to study complex biological systems. In our current projects, we design 13C, 15N and 2H labeled metabolic amino acid precursor compounds, which can be used in cell-based protein overexpression. The target proteins show distinguished isotope patterns and represent valuable probes for biomolecular NMR experiments. Learn more about our research, see some structures of our labeled precursor compounds or read through our list of publications. If you need further information or want to collaborate on an interesting research topic don't hesitate to write to roman.lichtenecker@univie.ac.at.


Moreover, we are very active in teaching different aspects of chemistry at the University of Vienna with currently 5 lectures and 2 seminars per year.  We additionally offer courses for advanced chemistry students within the context of our research projects.


The project "Allospace" is funded by the FWF-ANR (project I5812).

Together with collaboration partners from France (D. Madern - CNRS; G. Santoni - ESRF; C. Brochier-Armanet - Univ. Lyon; F. Sterpone - CNRS; C. Barette - CEA) and Austria (P. Schanda - ISTA) we investigate the mechanisms and evolutionary origin of enzymatic allostery.

We are now part of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for knowledge-based structural biology and biotechnology

Together with our partner Prof. Robert Konrat (Univ. Vienna) and our industry collaborator Boeringer-Ingelheim, we investigate novel ways to probe the interaction of biomolecules using NMR techniques.